2,945,306Mail Order Buyers$50/M
1,770,873Multi Buyers+10/M
995,392Credit Card Holders+10/M
988,21090 Day Mail Order Buyers+10/M
Hispanics have shown remarkable population growth. They now represent 8% of the total US, that's a 44% increase since 1980. African Americans are 12% of the total population showing 16% growth since 1980. Both have significantly increased in the work force and are potent political groups. Though their median incomes generally lag behind those of white workers and their assimilation of lower income families is slow, many have made remarkable strides economically, particularly in sports, entertainment and politics and many more are now entering corporate America.
Excellent prospects for layaway and credit buying and credit card offers
Heavy purchasers who spend on fashion, beauty care, music and entertainment products
Responsive to buying through the mail