4,822,519Mail Order Buyers$50/M
1,205,630Multi Buyers+10/M
4,658,013Credit Card Holders+10/M
1,205,62990 Day Mail Order Buyers+10/M
These movers and shakers, national and community leaders, politicians and top business executives, are heavy credit card users who entertain often and lavishly. They are America's elite: big earners, big spenders- with luxurious lifestyles, multiple homes and small families. They are cultured, charitable, well educated, well traveled and very protective of their assets. They are the very best prospects for a wide variety of high end financial and consumer products and services, including:
fund raisers for health and ecology/conversation issues
Investment and brokerage services, real estate offers
luxury travel and vacation/cruise offers
Premium, gold and platinum credit card offers
Theater, opera, ballet and art events and programs