2,536,861Mail Order Buyers$50/M
684,952Multi Buyers+$10/M
2,391,436Credit Card Holders+$10/M
634,21590 Day Mail Order Buyers+$10/M
This most affluent market segment includes both old and new money. They are predominantly very senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs. Many are investors in multiple enterprises and have international business affiliations. They keep large investment portfolios and own multiple luxury homes and cars. Their credit cards are very active and used for frequent and elegant entertaining, traveling extensively for business and pleasure both in the United States and abroad, and for purchasing high ticket merchandise. They are well educated, cultured and heavy contributors to charities. This exclusive audience contains your best prospects for high premium products and services:
luxury consumer merchandise, premium catalogs
luxury international and domestic vacations, cruises
platinum and gold cards, investments, insurance, real estate