9,682,011New Movers With Credit$55/M
831,29630 Day Hotline+$10/M
4,957,896Mail Order Buyers+$10/M
1,106,32490 Day Mail Order Buyers+$10/M
6,191,275Bank Card Holders+$10/M
A new apartment or home is an exciting moment for a family or a single. Changes in neighborhoods and living conditions often cause a reassessment of personal and family finances, insurance and household needs. About 70% of apartment dwellers are singles, the balance are couples and families. Homeowners have income 60% greater than the national average and tend to be families with children. As a group they spend more than twice as much as non-homeowners. A move is an especially opportune time to target homeowners and apartment dwellers with financial and home-related product and service offers:
Credit card offers
Housewares and home furnishings, lawn and garden products and services
Life and property insurance
Magazine subscriptions and consumer catalogs
Savings and investment products and services