3,412,878Mail Order Buyers$50/M
1,023,863Multi Buyers+$10/M
2,563,071Credit Card Holders+$10/M
853,22090 Day Hotline+$10/M
The up and coming generations, highly motivated, steeped in the ethic of hard work. They're well educated, well read, well connected professionals and second tier management executives. Many are single or small family households concerne dwith providing the best for the children. As a group they use credit cards often, prefer more exotic, adventurous vacations, are interested in enviormental issues, wildlife, health and fitness and they change autos about every two years. They are an eager and productive market for financial and lifestyle status goods and services:
Electronics, computers
High ticket luxuries: merchandise, uncommon vacations, catalogs, magazine subscriptions
Premium, gold and platinum credit cards
Premium investments, private banking, insurance