Combining Prizm with Vision Marketing’s unique database provides you with the BEST information to pinpoint your BEST prospects.


How Prizm Works:
PRIZM is a unique marketing system created by CLARITAS/NPDC. It classifies each neighborhood in the U.S. according to 62 distinct, targetable types known as “clusters.” With detailed profiles of our customers and prospects, plus the markets provided by PRIZM, you can go far beyond traditional segmentation targets such as “Women 18 to 35.”
PRIZM provides precise lifestyle and geographic dimensions to market segmentation, making it a most useful and powerful tool for targeting your best prospects. It is the oldest and best marketing tool available on a Zip+6 level. The average number of households within a Zip+6 code range is between 7 and 15, making Zip+6 a powerful marketing feature versus the 200-300 households that traditional targeting systems were based on.
Call for a PRIZM Power Analysis, then send us a recent mailing or a customer file. We will uncover your most responsive or productive PRIZM Power cells by using the 62 Clusters.